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Unique and exclusive powerplant for Tunland

Cummins Engine

The Foton Tunland is the first light commercial vehicle in the world to be fitted with a Cummins engine. The ISF model is the latest edition to Cummins’ legendary range of powerful and reliable engines. The 2.8L four cylinder turbo diesel intercooled engine supplies the Tunland with 130kw of power @ 3,600rpm and a flat torque curve of 365Nm from 1,600rpm to 3,200rpm.

The revolutionary design balances performance with economy, achieving a combined fuel consumption of 8.3L per 100km*.

Revolutionary Architecture – the design of the 2.8L engine provides high durability with low weight. Key features of the engine include a stiffer block, composite oil pan and valve cover and a rear gear train resulting in lower noise and reduced harshness and vibration. The modular architecture allows for easy access and single side servicing, this reduces operating costs.

Electronic Control Module (ECM) – has a high processing capability maintaining an optimum balance between load demands, fuel-efficiency and emissions control.

Electronic Integration – industry standard datalink accepts inputs from all powertrain components. This creates a seamless flow of high speed information between all vehicle systems.

High Pressure Common Rail system – works at extremely high pressure and provides precise control of the combustion process. Capable of generating injection pressures that allow for refined and rapid power delivery, low noise and fuel efficient performance.

Wastegated Turbocharger – developed by Cummins Turbo Technologies to provide excellent performance across the rpm range as well as improved response through higher low-end torque.

Latest Engine Filtration – class leading oil and fuel filtration systems developed by Cummins for exceptional engine protection.

Emissions Technology – Cummins meets global emission standards by adopting the right technology for each market’s emission limits, test cycles and operational factors. No other engine company has all of the critical sub-systems in-house; electronic control, air handling, fuel systems, combustion technology, filtration and exhaust treatment. The appropriate technologies are chosen for engines to not only meet the stringent emission levels but add substantial value to our customers.

*As per ADR81/02 Combined Test Driveline


The Tunland is fitted with a Getrag 5 speed manual transmission or 6 speed ZF automatic. Getrag, a German company, is the world’s largest independent supplier of transmissions and drive systems for passenger and commercial vehicles.

All Tunland utes are fitted with DANA axles and differentials and a rear Limited Slip Differential (LSD).